Off Belay – Digital Marketing Training & Management Consulting

What does “Off Belay” have to do with training digital marketing or managing advertising accounts? Funny name for a consulting firm.

It’s what a climber calls down to their belay partner when they want the partner to let go of the rope and let the leader—the climber at the top—have full responsibility for their own security. Typically, this is called out when the leader reaches the top and builds their own anchor for themselves.

I’m here to help you get that comfortable with your digital marketing. So comfortable, that you’re ready to call “off belay” because you’re secure and in control, at the top of your game.

To do this, there are three categories of support that I can give you:

  1. Training — Developing long-term digital marketing skills for you and your team in order to improve ROI and achieve volume goals. AdWords, Bing Ads, Yahoo! Gemini and some lesser known platforms are all available for training.
  2. Strategy Consulting — Helping you find the right path forward, at acceptable costs and risk tolerances, in a plethora of digital marketing options. Should you focus on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) right now, or also engage in Pay Per Click (PPC) in Search Engine Marketing (SEM)? Do you include Display advertising? What about Video and Social Media campaigns? If you have physical products to sell, what about Shopping feeds?
  3. Account management — When you need someone to step in and lead the digital ad accounts for a bit to get things back on track for you, I can help.

Send a message today: we’ve got work to do on your digital advertising, and no sense wasting time!